First university convocation rescheduled for next Friday

The student senate convened Monday for the third session of the year.

Issues discussed included the convocation being moved back to Friday, Mr. FAMU being issued an order of restraint and the approval of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society for Activities and Services funding, among other things.

At last week’s senate meeting, it was said that this year’s President’s Convocation would be moved to Sunday, but as of Tuesday, the convocation was moved back to Friday. “We got it moved back to Friday, Sept. 22 at 3 p.m., and it is going to be in the air-conditioned gym,” said Student Body President Phillip Agnew, 21, from Chicago.

“The decision was made by me, University President Castell V. Bryant, University Provost Debra Austin and Eva Wanton,” said Agnew, a senior business administration student.The issue behind the convocation being moved to Sunday, according to the university’s interim president, was student attendance.

Agnew said Friday convocation would ensure a better turn out. “It should not be a choice (whether or not to attend convocation). It is not going to be the typical convocation,” Agnew said.

“It’s going to be a pep rally. Cheerleaders, the band, the football team and the dance theater are going to attend,” Agnew continued.

Also discussed was a temporary restraining order was issued against Mr. FAMU Cyrah Hawkins because of academic issues. The order is in effect until the student supreme court attains an official copy of his grade point average from the royal court adviser.

The Student Privacy Act prohibits the student government from getting a copy of his GPA.

According to Student Body Statute 408.1, the chief justice may issue a temporary restraining order at the request of any member of the student body.

The senate approved the Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society for A&S funding, according to the senate resolution document. The senate recognized the university’s most historic honor society for promoting high standards of scholarship and endeavors in the field of knowledge.

A second reading of the election code copyright infringement bill was also read.

According to the senate resolution document, candidates can place only one poster on the student union. In addition, no campaign materials shall duplicate in any way or combine the copyrighted trademarks, logos, slogans or related promotional materials of any public or private patented entity without said permission.

The resolution will be put on the schedule for unfinished business next week.

The first reading of the National Association of Black Accountants’ request for funding for its national conference was also among the things discussed. The organization requested $3,105 for the hotel accommodations and registration fees.

Other issues included an announcement of the Navy-Army ROTC spirit run. The two-mile run will take place during homecoming week on Oct. 23 at 9 a.m. “This event is to cultivate spirit among the university’s students,” said Sen. Charles Manchion, a 19-year-old sophomore from Cincinnati.

Manchion, a political science student, said prizes will be awarded in the form of gift certificates for as much as $60 to the FAMU bookstore to students who place.

“It is a two-mile run and if there is a challenge you can walk it. You don’t have to finish,” Manchion said.

“The event is to cultivate the spirit of homecoming through athletics,” he said.