Students should emphasize academics over organizations

Many students put such a high emphasis on extracurricular activities, they forget their obligation is to be a student first.

In recent situations, some students have been kicked out of or suspended from campus organizations and put on academic probation for not meeting the required grade point average.

The registrar’s office and the Office of Student Union and Activities set certain GPA requirements in order for students to actively participate in on-campus organizations.

Sandra Inge, OSUA associate director, said there are different GPA requirements depending on the organization a student joins.

However, the Academic Progress Policy, located in the registrar’s office, states that “a cumulative average of 2.0 is required for graduation.”

Thus, it is desirable that each student earn a 2.0 term average during each period of enrollment at the university.

“A student who maintains a cumulative average of 2.0 or better will not be subject to academic suspension,” the policy states.

“However, in any term in which the student’s cumulative average drops below 2.0, some appropriate action is taken, i.e. warning, probation, suspension, or dismissal.”

Dance and modeling troupes, sororities and fraternities, the Marching 100 and several other campus organizations and extracurricular activities have high demands for potential members to meet.

These demands are considerably higher for new members.

Many dance and modeling troupes hold week-long tryouts and invite new members on a provisional basis.

Sororities and fraternities also induct new members on a provisional basis, which means that prospective members have to tryout, go through a series of interviews or remember certain information in order to be considered for complete acceptance into the organization.

“I am a freshman and I was interested in joining some organizations. But after hearing all of the requirements, I just don’t see how I can maintain the required grade point average to keep my scholarship and complete all the demands that are required for new members to join,” said Brittney Thomas, 18, a general studies student from Montgomery, Ala.

Several students get so caught up in the demands of joining or being an active member in organizations that they forget about their responsibilities as students.

Most campus organizations require their members to attend weekly meetings, practice daily for events and or attend parties on weekends.

Student Body President Phillip Agnew said that students should prioritize and know their primary purpose for being at FAMU is to excel academically.

“You come to FAMU for an education and to graduate, and for me, personally, I can’t put my position as student body president before my studies,” said Agnew, 21, a fourth-year business administration student from Chicago.

“I have to keep my GPA up in order to do the things I want to do.”

In the past students have been kicked out of organizations after not meeting the GPA requirement.

Last week more than 30 band members were prohibited from marching at the Delaware State University game and were suspended from the band because they did not have the necessary minimum grade point average.

Some of the students were outraged because they felt that administration should have told them sooner that they did not meet the GPA requirement.

Last semester, several ROTC members lost their scholarships because they did not meet the GPA requirement.

There is no reason why students should not meet the required GPA because their grades are easily available, Agnew said. “It is important for students to have time management,” Agnew said.