Sunshine Manor provides counseling for stressed-out students

Among students, stress is one of many prevalent issues that linger in the hallways and classrooms of Florida A&M University.

For many college students, stress can be caused by many different events and situations.

Issues can range from, but are not limited to, academics, the average pop quiz and sometimes life itself.

Henry Onubogu, the assistant director of FAMU’s Sunshine Manor Counseling & Assessment Center, said, “Many students are just overwhelmed.”

“To alleviate academic stress, many students should use time wisely, go to class regularly and use the weekend to review what you have learned during the week to reduce stress,” Onubogu said.

When handling stress, a student’s coping style and social networks play a vital role.

Kenedria Thurman, 21, a senior early childhood education student from Tallahassee, said, “A lack of sleep and financial difficulties stress me out. But I cope with it by praying and finding a quiet place to think and ease my mind.”

The best way to deal with and control stress is to not look at life’s obstacles as a challenge but as a normal process in your daily life, said Onubogu.

“The need to make recreational activities is important in dealing with stress, but don’t lose sight of why you’re here,” he advised.

Tevitt Sullivan Jr., 21, a senior public management student and father of two children from Orlando, said stress is his new best friend.

“Have a set schedule and be organized because if one thing is off your whole schedule is off,” Sullivan said, concerning what he does to deal with stress as a parent in college.

There are many dangers associated with stress.

Some results of stress include depression, which can possibly lead to alcohol and drug abuse. Violent behavior and suicide are also feared consequences of stress.

Many people react differently to stress.

Tahirah Haywood, 20, a junior political science student from Somerset, N.J., said she cries, then faces reality by trying to stay ahead of the academic ball game.

A Sunshine Manor information fact sheet provides tips on how to manage stress.

The first step is to identify the stressor or stressors.

The second step is to understand how to reinforce stressful conditions and make necessary adjustments.

The third step is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Students should stay fit through exercise, getting enough sleep and eating healthy food.

The fourth step is to seek a counseling service if the problem worsens.

Students should visit Sunshine Manor, located across from Tucker Hall, and talk with counselors when coping with stress.

Sunshine Manor can be reached at (850) 599-3145.

For people without the desire or time to meet in person, information is also available online at