Marching 100’s theft poor reflection of university

It’s the beginning of a new school year and the football season is in full swing. The Florida A&M University football team had its first game Sept. 2 against Delaware State. Unfortunately, the football team did not win on the field, but more disturbing was the conduct of the Marching 100 off the field.

Shortly after their Saturday night performance at the Detroit Classic, our Marching 100 proceeded to fleece the Marriott Hotel of anything that was not nailed down.

Now the entire band is not at fault. But for those who just could not resist the temptation of owning their own germy hotel comforter, you not only disrespected yourselves, but your school as well.

It’s not funny. It’s theft. It’s illegal and it reflects on and compromises the integrity of our university.

Recently, FAMU was recognized by Black Enterprise magazine as the top university for black students; a few days later, the Marching 100 is recognized on Facebook as having no home training (yes, there are pictures).

To add insult to injury, since none of the culprits had come forward by Thursday’s noon deadline, the entire band faces possible suspension from “traveling from Nov. 18 through the end of the 2007 spring semester,” according to a memo from the band’s director, Julian White.

Just so everyone is clear, fans may have to do without a half-time show or in-the-stands entertainment during the most anticipated games of the fall semester, including the Florida Classic in Orlando.

To members of the band, if you want to steal things on your own time, feel free (no pun intended).

Otherwise, next time your fingers start to itch and you are thinking about perpetuating stereotypes, stop for a second and understand that you are not just representing yourself. You represent FAMU.

Alaythia C. Burkins for the editorial board.