Get ready: there’s a new Famuan coming to campus

It’s no longer business as usual at The Famuan.

During my time here at Florida A&M University, I’ve learned that about 90 percent of the stuff that you hear is wrong.

From the administration to your fellow students, everyone has their own version of the truth, and they’re more than happy to tell you “what they had heard was…”

Because of this, I have come to the conclusion that you have to take most of what you hear with a grain of salt until you can confirm it yourself.

While I too would love to believe most of what I hear, if for nothing more than pure entertainment, I can’t do that.

Unfortunately, that lesson has hit very close to home.

Over the course of the summer, I had to remove a staff member from their post, for not being completely upfront with me.

That was a very troubling thing for me to do, especially since I did, and still do, consider this person a friend.

As editor in chief of The Famuan, an award-winning newspaper, my job first and foremost is to protect the integrity and quality of this newspaper.

Personally, I think I’ve done that to the best of my ability.

People will always have something to say, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

Secondly, when I assumed this position in the spring 2006 semester, a very no-nonsense, somewhat threatening, always nurturing, and overall wise professor told me that I had work to do.

I was responsible for taking The Famuan to the next level.

I accepted that challenge, and now it’s time to deliver on the promises I made to her, my staff, myself, and the student body.

This semester, you can expect more than ever before from The Famuan.

One thing you’ll notice is the new layout of the newspaper. It’s a little bit of a throwback, mixed with some new style.

We changed it a few semesters ago; some students didn’t like it and made no bones about it.

So, we listened.

We’ll also be trying something different this semester. The Famuan will be putting out a weekend edition.

It will run on Fridays and center mostly around what’s going on around Tallahassee during the weekend, a wrap-up of the weeks events, comics, polls, reviews, etc.

Our Web site has also been redesigned to make it easier for readers, and there’s a new 24 hour news section covering national and international news.

In an effort to provide students with as much information as possible whenever they want it, The Famuan’s Web site will be updated every day, and throughout the day as news breaks on campus.

We at The Famuan are serious about covering every aspect of this campus.

And it will be covered fairly and objectively.

I’ll make sure of that. If you have a problem with the way something is done in The Famuan feel free to write a letter to the editor, or contact me directly.

The time for personal agendas, shabby reporting, unchecked facts, and minimal research is over ladies and gentlemen.

I encourage every student to hold us to a higher standard than ever before.

I have no doubts that they will be met.

It’s time to build on the trailblazing legacy set by people who gave their all to this newspaper before I ever stepped foot on this campus.

Welcome to the new Famuan.

Sidney Wright IV is a third-year Broadcast Journalism student from Tampa. He is the editor in chief of The Famuan. He can be reached at