The Man conspires against people

According to CNN, the Midwestern states are experiencing the worst outbreak in Mumps the nation’s experienced in almost 20 years.

The recent outbreak of mumps is the largest – with more than 1,000 cases – in almost two decades and according to the nation’s federal health agency, the outbreak is expected to grow.

Mumps is a virus spread by coughing and sneezing. Symptoms of the disease include fever, headache and swollen salivary glands, which are located under the jaw.

Even more shocking is the resurfacing of the Bubonic Plague. The disease that is believed to have killed 25 million people and referred to as the “Black Death” has also resurfaced in Los Angeles.

Mumps was nearly eradicated and there hasn’t been an outbreak of bubonic plague since 1984, so why now?

The Web site of the Center for Disease Control cover just about everything regarding the diseases: prevention, vaccination and transmission of the disease. But what is noticeably missing is the “why” and “where.”

There is no explanation to why these diseases miraculously reappeared after years of being dormant.

Comedian and actor Dick Gregory told students that there was a patent on the AIDS virus and said there was information to substantiate these claims that could be found on the U.S. patent Web site, so could the same be said for the mumps and bubonic plague?

Some believe that AIDS was developed to rid the world of homosexuals, blacks and the Jews, so how unbelievable is it that the bubonic plague “magically” resurfaces in Los Angeles in the midst of the immigration debate.

Some things just aren’t by coincidence.

Amber Vaughan for the editorial board.