FSU’s ranking in Playboy encourages low standards

As many students are anticipating spring 2006 graduation and going out into the real world, Florida State University has found something else to celebrate … or not.

FSU is ranked sixth in Playboy magazine’s top-10 list of party schools in the country, which perpetuates alcoholism in college students and makes it seem okay.

According to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, the number of alcohol-related arrests jumped by 300 in two years, from 188 arrests in 2003 to 488 in 2005.

Also, driving under the influence charges have increased by 12 percent since 2004, which has been a majority student issue.

Playboy magazine is doing nothing but adding to the problem. Ranking FSU will recruit students to town looking forward to underage drinking, which leads to even worse acts.

If you cross over the tracks, Florida A&M University is accused of being a party school.

But are we really?

Not according to Playboy.

FAMU rarely has occurrences or arrests pertaining to driving under the influence, but we are often criticized for being the school that is beneath FSU.

But are we really?

Like our parents always say to us, “Everything that glitters ain’t gold.”

This title courtesy of Playboy’s to FSU is definitely not gold.

-Nyerere Davidson for the editorial board.