Perfection means a ‘balance of the right qualities’

The shelves of video and book stores provide a host of romance titles, which pander to what women desire from men.

Strangely enough, the reversal of this is ignored as if men fail to hold particular preference for what they find captivating in women.

Are men willing to accept any woman at face value so long as they bear a seductive figure and a pair of smooth, silky legs? I believe we as a sex are able of producing more legitimate reasons for paying heed to a woman’s intrigue.

It wouldn’t be surprising to discover the average man responding with indifference if questioned about romantic feelings.

This reaction stems from an ideal, which is beaten into us from childhood: men should not express emotions.

But we do possess deeper feelings than what we advertise and they come into play when selecting women.

Women possess a variety of personalities, so why shouldn’t men?

Your basic, low-brow, adolescent male may find nothing more of interest in a woman than her curves, while the mature gentleman may find himself intrigued by her individual qualities.

The materialistic guy sees his ideal mate as something of a cash crop to feed his own desires. The infallible “boy scout” possesses his own fairy-tale concept of how women should be.

Those who are never quite certain what they seek in a woman fiddle with relationships until an answer is found.

But there may happen to be the uniquely engineered individual who, for reasons all their own, appreciate a woman not for looks, status, or promise of sexual delights, but simply for herself.

Having seen this, many probably ask what’s the formula to what guys truly want? While my own observations are limited, there are standards to which most abide.

Some find the “coy mistress” alluring while others may be put off by her naivety and reserve. Strong, independent women pose a challenge which some find interesting. However, some may not see the thrill in fighting for dominance within a relationship.

Vain girls present the perfect arm candy. However, materialism might place them in an ill light. Intelligence, while always a desirable trait, can be a touchy issue, as no man will admit to being intimidated by a more partner.

No one person possesses the perfect number of desirable traits.

In all, one truth remains constant: the allure of women is sought through a balance of the right number of qualities. Apply this to heart and you’ll never be led astray in the ways of love.

Reginald Alceus is a freshman magazine production student from Spring Hill. He can be reached at