Budget cuts compromise student safety on campus

The Senate has some tough financial decisions to make about the 2006-2007 school year budget, but cutting the SAFE Team’s money should not be one of them.

They have asked the organization to consider becoming a volunteer force, but students’ security should not be left with an unreliable system.

The SAFE Team is the only on-the-ground surveillance the school has on campus and they’re good at what they do.

Yes, as Sen. Candice Pelham said, there have still been robberies, but that should be a sign that they should be given money to expand, not have money taken away.

The opening of the new recreation center presents even more of a security issue. The amenities of the facility are sure to attract a larger number of students and outsiders alike. All of them might not have the best of intentions.

What are the women to do if someone attacks them while walking all the way from Wahnish Way to McGuinn Hall? For that matter, what’s anyone to do?

The Florida A&M University Police Department has already shown how effective they are at fighting crime. For a truly secure campus, we need people that aren’t afraid to get out of their vehicles every now and then.

The SAFE Team doesn’t even carry any weapons or real protection, yet they have more of a presence than the campus police.

Money will definitely be a challenging issue next year, but let’s hope that the Senate keeps the students and their safety in mind.

Samantha Long for the editorial