Alexander to run for county commission seat

Student Body President Ramon Alexander announced Tuesday that he is running for the Leon County Commission’s District 1 seat against incumbent County Commission chair and Florida A&M University professor Bill Proctor.

At the press conference, held at Heavenly Catering on Railroad Ave. at 1 p.m., Alexander, 21 shared his platform and said he wanted to draw as many supporters as possible.

Bill Proctor, 47, has been county commissioner since 1996 and the question is will Alexander be able to get enough support from the community to win the election.

Proctor has been advocate for black issues in community and in 2003, he addressed issues of local banking companies denying black patrons loans. In a statement released to the media statement, he pushed for the community reinvestment act to focus its attention on areas, such as Frenchtown that are in need of repair.

Alexander’s campaign manager, Cherry Alexander, who is also his mother, said that “there’s a time and a season for everything” and that the people will decide the outcome.

The long-time Tallahassee resident said his purpose for running is to “improve the quality of life for people of this community.” He added that he wants to bring the people together in the communities and throughout the district.

The member of the Beta Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. said he is also an active participant in the community and feels that there is enough respect for him that he will gain the people’s vote.

Proctor was elected Commission Chairman in 2005. At press time, he was unavailable for official comment.

“One of Ramon’s biggest challenges will be name recognition,” said to Rep. Curtis Richardson, D-Tallahassee, who said he is an avid supporter of Alexander.

Richardson recommended that Alexander go out and convince people that he is the right candidate to represent them.

He also said that Ramon is very mature for his age and people will receive that and vote for him.

Included among Alexander’s supporters is City Commissioner and Mayor Pro-Temp Andrew Gillum, who said that Alexander will “be a fresh voice that will fight for the people.”

He said that Alexander has the ability to get results and is solution oriented.

Alexander’s government career began in high school as the FAMU Developmental Research High School Student body President.

At FAMU he served as freshman senator in 2002-2003. As the Sophomore Senator he was Senate judicial and rules Chair. In 2004 Alexander was elected by fellow senate members to be Senate President.

He is currently the 2005-2006 Student Body President.

Gillum said that Proctor has had his time and has served the community enough to leave on a high note.

Ramon “has a real interest in the people and a heartfelt passion for everything,” Gillum added.

FAMU students are divided on whether to support their current leader in his future endeavors as a politician.

“Ramon needs to do some more growing up because he is not ready for (the job),” says Lashawnda Batts, 22, a senior theater students from Miami. “Andrew Gillum did it, but he is a different person, and was more involved in the local politics while at FAMU.”

Others are more supportive.

“As long as (Alexander) is qualified to do the job it will be fine,” said Zindzi Ali, 21, a junior theater student from Washington.

First District County Commissioner Elections will be held in September.

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