Marriage has no easy-out clause

Kenneth “Babyface” and Tracey Edmonds; Eddie and Nicole Murphy; Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons. What do all of these couples have in common? They aren’t couples anymore!

We are living in a society where divorces and separations have become the natural end to marriages. Every week it seems that every celebrity, Tom, Dick and Harry is getting a divorce. What seems to be the problem?

The problem is marrying someone that you truly.

According to, about 50 percent of first marriages for men under age 45 may end in divorce, and between the ages 44 and 52, 50 percent of women’s first marriages may end in divorce.

We need to understand the sacredness and importance of dedicating your life to another through vow and ritual.

It’s a disgrace that couples prejudge their marriages by having prenuptial agreements. Couples nowadays should value their relationships and make sure their mate is the one for them before they tie the knot.

According to, the keys to making a marriage last are through communication, loyalty and trust. One of the most important things is to “Don’t Just Talk, Take Action.”

We’re sure that people don’t want to be the Elizabeth Taylor’s and Jennifer Lopez’s for the modern day.

Couples, it is time to straighten up and fly right.

Nyerere Davidson for the editorial board.