The Hiss:

The ups and downs of Hollywood can feel something like a roller coaster ride.

In this first week of April, quite a few celebrities, but not all, coped with terrible blows, and unfortunately for them, the words ‘April Fools’ didn’t follow.

Fans pleaded “Say it ain’t so,” but Russell Simmons has confirmed the rumors of a troubled marriage.

He released a statement to the Associated Press on Saturday, saying that he and wife, Kimora Lee Simmons, are officially separated. The news comes after seven years of marriage.

According to Russel Simmons, he and Kimora, who have two children, Ming Lee and Aoki, have been separated for quite some time.

It may seem like it will be difficult to run their joint businesses after the separation, but Russell Simmons said they will continue to work side-by-side.

These businesses include The Simmons Jewelry Co. and The Phat Farm/Baby Phat clothing brands.

Sweethearts Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri have been working on a surprising project of their own. For those who thought “Damita Jo” was the end, think again.

Jackson has a new album under Virgin Urban Records that is scheduled to debut in September.

The album, which is currently untitled, will have contributions from Jackson’s old collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Dupri, the president of Virgin Urban, said the first single from the album will be released on the radio in May.

When asked if he would be heard on the album, Dupri responded by saying he may be heard, but his focus is not on being an artist right now.

Judging from the comebacks of some of his other clients, namely Mariah Carey, his focus seems to be aimed in the right direction.

Prince is showing no signs of slowing down. Prince’s latest album “3121” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. His musical influence has paved the way for others, including newcomer Ne-Yo.

The young R&B singer is currently No. 5 on the charts for his album “In My Own Words.” His single “So Sick” is holding up strong at No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100. It is right behind Sean Paul’s No. 2 single “Temperature” off of his album “The Trinity.”

Fans of Mary J. Blige will be pleased to hear she is holding on strong to the No. 5 spot for the single “Be Without You” from the album “The Breakthrough.”

Breakthrough, breakup, breakout – Dave Mays is familiar with all of those terms, but he recently was a little more involved with one than the other two.

Mays, The Source magazine’s former owner, was involved in a fight in Miami involving Busta Rhymes and his crew.

The incident took place in a nightclub called Opium. Allegedly, the scuffle was the product of an argument between Mays and Rhymes over remarks Mays made about Rhymes during a radio interview.

An associate of Rhymes hit Mays with a bottle that sent him to the hospital where Mays received 50 stitches. Raymond “Benzino” Scott, Mays’ former business partner, spoke out about the incident saying, “I guess at the end of the day, after all of them steroids, (Busta) wants to pick on somebody.”

According to reports from, Mays will not press charges against Rhymes.

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