Missing alumna gets little support from university

It seems that we at Florida A&M University have failed one of our own-at least, that’s what people closest to missing alumna Ali Gilmore think.

After Gilmore went missing Feb. 3, there were all kinds of initiatives launched to help locate her.

But where’s the action?

There was a vigil planned, but Gilmore’s sister, Tracy Smith, said the vigil was cancelled without reason.

While it may seem like the Student Government Association dropped the ball in the search, it’s not entirely their fault.

The FAMU community has not put forth much effort to locate Gilmore. We see the signs and billboards, but 99 percent of us are guilty of not giving Gilmore a second thought.

In a story that ran in The Famuan on Feb. 24, Bishop Thomas Masters, Gilmore’s childhood pastor, said that FAMU was going to be the launch pad in the search.

Unfortunately, we have made a liar out of him.

Only recently have we at The Famuan received any sort of notice of efforts on the part of students to help locate Gilmore.

One of the family members said she has nearly washed her hands of FAMU because of the lack of communication. It looks like that may be the best thing for them to do.

Hopefully, we will step up to the plate and take care of our responsibilities.

Sidney Wright IV for the editorial board.