Crime prevention tips from FAMU P.D.

In cooperation with the writers and staff of the FAMUAN, the Florida A&M University Department of Public Safety will be providing weekly safety and security tips. Each Monday our Crime Prevention Office will provide information on on crime prevention activities.

Dorm Safety Tips

The number one crime on most college campuses is theft. There are several steps that you as a dorm resident can take to protect your items.

-Campus housing areas are equipped with locking mechanisms. Lock all doors when at home and while away. Include your individual bedroom door. Do not loan out your key. Report all lost keys to the University Housing Office as soon as possible.

-Remember to lock all windows, including upper floor windows and never compromise your safety for a roommate who asks you to leave the door unlocked or propped.

-Dormitory residents should insist that residential assistants and security patrols routinely check for “propped doors” – day and night.

-Do not leave your identification, wallets, checkbooks, jewelry, cameras, and other valuables in open view. Common areas are not storage places for personnel items.

-Program your phone’s speed dial memory with emergency numbers that include family and friends. The FAMU Police Department can be contacted by calling 599-3256 or 911.

-Avoid unauthorized long distance calls by keeping cell phones as well as cordless phones in a secure location.

-Get to know others residents in your dorm and report any illegal or suspicious activities. High volumes of visitors will increase your chances of being victimized.

Look for next weeks article on identify theft. This crime is sweeping the nation. Questions on this and other crime prevention tips and programs should be directed to Sherri Luke at 850-599-3256 or by e-mail at

Remember that crimes occur only when criminals have the opportunity to commit crime. It is up to you to take that opportunity away from the criminal, and defeat the criminals before the criminal activity actually begins. Remember fellow students commit 80% of all thefts on college campuses.