Snooper Alert: dubious friends derail couples

I never thought I could fall prey to the infamous, manipulative snooper on a mission, but I did.

All of us have experienced a snooper at least once in our lives; whether you have been successfully defeated or not.

You know who it is.

That friend your significant other has that is always there for him, especially around the time when you mess up.

Or that friend you have that is just a little too interested in your relationship. You may not even be cool with them, but they just always seem to be around.

You probably assume the snooper has ulterior motives, but you don’t take it to heart.

At first glance, you give that person the benefit of the doubt, you convince yourself they are just concerned about you and what you are going through.

But I am here to tell you to be afraid-be very afraid.

Snoopers come in all shapes, sizes, ethic groups and genders, which makes it that much harder to spot them. They can be your best friend, classmate, associate or, quite possibly, yourself.

Snoopers cleverly weave their way into your relationship through the safest way possible: friendship.

And that, my friends, was how my friend and I got served.

She was in a relationship with a guy who had a friend he never spoke about, but was always with.

She was always there to pick up the pieces my friend could not.

Though the snooper was friends with him up before he hooked up with my fried, the snooper never backed off. She continued to “be there” extra hard for him even when the couple wasn’t going through problems.

Long story short, the snooper won and the couple is no more.

As for me, I thought my snooper was my friend.

Although we were not best friends or talked on the phone everyday, I would periodically talk to her about everything from work to childhood memories.

And since she was one of the few girls that I immediately clicked with since I came to Florida A&M University, I was sure that she would be OK with the relationship.

After all, she was friends with the guy before I met him.

It started with her asking me questions about him. “What, are y’all dating or something? What do you see in him? What y’all been doing? Why didn’t you tell me about you and him?”

Little did I know, she was asking him the same questions about me that she asked me about him. She was gathering information from us in order to play us against each other.

She then began to tell me bad things about him, putting us on front street – in a “friendly way” of course – in front of people we knew when we were together.

She made it her business to ask questions loud enough for everyone to hear.

Though she never openly told me what she did, she slipped up one day during a conversation when she said she wanted to make someone her’s but he wanted someone else, so she had to do what she had to do.

Never underestimate the power of a snooper. Once they creep into your relationship there will be trouble.

And if you still do not understand just listen to that old Shai song, “Comfort You.”

Katrelle Simmons is a sophomore English education student from Orlando. She can be reached at