Athletic program absent from national spotlight

Before we get into this thing, let’s get a few things clear. You won’t find any hate or animosity coming from over here.

It’s more like a celebration of the fact that Tallahassee is now on the map for being more than the stomping grounds of Baby Brother Bush.

The recent successes of the Florida State football team and the Tallahassee Community College basketball team serve as clear evidence that the sports enthusiast has had to utter this city’s name at least a few times this year.

The Seminoles have always experienced success in the college football ranks, most recently making it to the FedEx Orange Bowl but falling short to Penn State.

The TCC Eagles came close to becoming the first men’s basketball national champion in school history when they made it to the NJCAA championship against Arkansas-Fort Smith. They too failed to capture a victory, but the fact they made it that far deserves commemoration.

Forget that it may come across as bitterness, but when will Florida A&M University get its chance at glory and claim its share of being a sports elite in Tallahassee?

Sure, we had a small portion of it a few years ago when the basketball team made it to the Big Dance to take on Kentucky in the first round of the NCAA tournament.But the basketball drought continued this year, and who knows how long it will be before the football team plays a substantially meaningful game outside of the MEAC.

It should not be overlooked that the FAMU volleyball team has garnered national attention in the past with its great performance on the court.

We hope that the entire FAMU athletic department builds off the volleyball team’s success and continues to strive to join the club of collegiate winners in the city. After all, it can’t feel good to be the only one left out.

LeMont Calloway for the editorial board.