‘Relay’ proves students can gather for good cause

FAMU’s annual fundraiser Relay for Life was an excellent way of supporting cancer research.

The event not only reached its goal, but was also positive and beneficial.

Every year the event brings together people in the Tallahassee community and students.

When it comes down to gathering together for a medical cause, sometimes, black people are not exactly the race that comes to mind.

But it was nice to see the opposite during the event.

From 3 p.m. Friday until 9 a.m. Saturday, students came out to walk on the track and show their support.

There was a great effort on behalf of the organizers to keep people entertained.

Among the numerous events available were karaoke, hula hooping, kickball, dodge ball, football, scavenger hunts, jump roping and, not to mention, performances by local artists, modeling troupes, and liturgical praise dancing/miming.

It was almost like a carnival with all the snow cones, cotton candy, fun and games.

Even though the weather wasn’t a desirable temperature, and most students were freezing, the fight for cancer kept them warm all night.

A thoughtful feature that night was the testimonies from actual cancer survivors.

The survivors seemed to be really value our efforts.

During a silent ceremonial moment of prayer, candles that represented cancer survivors were lit around the track to pay homage and show that there is hope.

Those in attendance prayed together and basked in the positive atmosphere, as a school, as a race and as a generation for cancer.

The Relay for Life committee should be applauded for their efforts in putting on this great event.

Yewande Addie for the editorial board.