Facebookers proceed with caution

What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

No, there are no typos in that statement.

Many students innocently log on to socialWeb sites like Facebook and MySpace.

However, do you know what kind people are viewing your page or what kind of friends you make on these sites?

Probably not.

In a March 25, article posted on http://cnn.com, six men were arrested in conjunction with the rape and robbery of a young woman they met on MySpace.

The alleged rapists were only between the ages of 18-20, the age of many FAMU students.

A statement from the young lady said she and the suspects hooked up with the intentions of a social gathering, but the night ended in total chaos.

Most of us are guilty of accepting and making friends through these Web sites without apprehension and cautiousness.

If this isn’t a wake up call then what is?

Meeting random people on Web sites is a liability in itself.

Furthermore, establishing a meeting between unknown people is an even greater risk, especially in a website like MySpace that brings in 28 million of visitors annually.

Out of the 28 million, you never know which ones could be murderers, thieves or rapists.

This also goes for the 3.85 million members of the ever-popular Facebook.

Hopefully, it will not take an Internet tragedy for us to be a little more cautious.

Nyerere Davidson for the editorial board.