Liven up closet with colorful suits

The Pursuit Begins…

Unlike seasons past, this spring’s suits are leaving the office and taking the time out to enjoy the finer things in life. Designers are taking the plain business attire look and altering it so that it is flexible enough to wear outside the workplace. 

Fashion designer gurus, like Balenciaga and Versace have infused suits with new colors, cuts and details and are constructing them in new materials. 

With these new additions, your suit can either go with you to work or as you enjoy a day out on the town.

The Business Woman

Ladies are given a plethora of details to choose from in the new lines of suits released this season. 

Leave the traditional blacks, grays, browns behind and take the road less traveled. 

White, off-white, olive, cream or beige pantsuits are included in the new, more exciting palette of colors this spring. Try-out a suit with a flat front to add more of a modern touch.  You could also try a suit with a cropped leg to add a shot of fun to a boring piece. 

For those who choose to live on the more eclectic side of life, you can also find more options in the suit jacket. 

Many designers are now offering intricately created suit jackets with puffed sleeves or with a military edge to them. Paired up with a standard camisole in a bright color, beaded neck and wrist jewelry and a pair of wedge heels, you’ll be ready to take New York’s fashion district by storm.

Man’s Modern Marvel

Day in and day out, guys grow tired of the same old drab suits. There are the same black, gray, brown, burgundy and the same same old single or double breasted. This spring fashion season has a cure for the “same old suit blues.” Designers have managed to generate suits with brighter colors as well as new slim fitting cuts and lighter and more breathable materials. 

Straying away from the cheap polyester or hot wool, designers like Michael Kors, Etro and Valentino have all produced cotton suits for those hot days that you want to look good, but not pay for it later. They come in colors like tan, cream, white and several plaid prints as well. 

These suits offer a more relaxed and comfortable alternative to the traditional suit, especially in the spring and summer heat. Match these suits with a simple oxford, leave the tie at home, walk out the door and watch the ladies go crazy. 

Being Business Savvy

Rattlers who want to look professional and stylish in your new suit this spring do not have to hurt their pockets. The perfect alternatives to these high price looks are right under your nose. 

Guys can pick up a light-weight suit in cotton or linen at Men’s Express or Banana Republic with prices ranging from $200-$275. Ladies have the option of Express, Banana Republic and even Forever 21 (if you would like to shop for the two-piece set in separate pieces), with prices ranging from $50-$200. 

Both sexes could also try their luck at their local department stores, but prices will climb, and you may have a harder time searching for what you want. Pair-up your suit with a bright top or keep it simple with a neutral top, whatever fits your personality best.

Get in one of these new suits this spring and I see immaculate fashion in your future.

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