Senators elect new leadership

The 35th Student Senate elected two women as the 2006-2007 senate president and pro-tempore Monday.

Sen. Ebony Ivory, 21, the current senate pro-tempore, won the position of senate president.

And, 18-year-old freshman Sen. Mellori Lumpkin won senate pro-tempore.

The last time the student senate elected two female leaders was three years ago with the 32nd Student Senate’s senate Audrey Rogers and Aziza Bowser.

After the results were announced, Ivory, a junior business administration student from Fort Lauderdale, said that while it has not happened often, it is appropriate that women be well represented in Student Government Association because more than half of the school’s population consists of women.

“I appreciate the members of the 35th Student Senate entrusting me with a leadership role for the next student senate,” said Lumpkin, a business administration student from Bainbridge, Ga. “I am elated to bring a fresh perspective to the position of senate pro-tempore and work with senators and students to propel the 36th Student Senate to greater heights.”

Lumpkin’s platform revolved around “Progression and Restoring Order. “

Packets she handed out with her presentation had five main “PROs”: senate productivity, committee productivity, proactivity & professionalism, legislative branch proponent and senate projects.

Ivory said the purpose of her platform was to “get (SGA) back to our purpose of why we exist and to make decisions that will be in the best interest of the students.”

Ivory’s platform for senate president was “Paving the Pathway for Progressive Leadership.” This pathway consists several steps.

The first focuses on student relations. It encourages the senate to get in touch with its constituents.

The second deals with university administration relations and pushes senators to be lobbyists for student concerns.

The third pathway calls for senate involvement in the Florida Student Association Senate Leadership Council and the Senate Roundtable discussions.

The other candidates for senate president were sophomore Sen. Anthony Murphy, 20, a specialized chemistry student from Milwaukee, Wis. and junior Sen. Jasmine Blanks, 20, a music education student from Somerset, N.J.

The opposing candidate for senate pro-tempore was sophomore Sen. Christopher Bryant, 19, a management administration student from Detroit.

Each candidate was given up to 30 minutes to do their presentation in which they were supposed to explain why they were the best suited candidates and to persuade the other senate members to vote in their favor.

After the presentations, senators were allowed to ask questions about the candidate’s platforms and future plans if elected.

After approximately eight hours, the meeting ended around 2 p.m.

Aside from electing new senate leadership, three organizations approached the senate asking for more money than they were allocated in the spring 2006 semester.

The president of Mahogany Dance Theater requested money to pay for two choreographers needed to prepare them for the Strikers’ Spring Excursion in which they will be performing.

Orchesis Dance Theater also had representation at the senate meeting.

According to the request presented to the senate, the troupe needs more funding to attend a national conference for HBCU dance troupes.

The president and vice president of the Rattler Association of Chemists appeared before the senate to explain that soon they are going to have a week with events each day geared toward chemistry students, as well as other faculty and students.

This year’s activities and services budget shortfall is one of the senate’s main priorities for the next school year.

“It’s all about proper communication and guidance from the university,” Ivory said.

Ivory said SGA plans to have certified documentation from the university administration stating the exact amount for the A&S budget allocations.

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