PATRIOT Act: the real pandemic

Just when you think it’s safe to eat beef again, there’s a resurgence in Mad Cow disease. According to, a cow in Alabama had to be destroyed because it was carrying the deadly disease and at least one of the two calves born to the cow will be tested for the disease.

If it’s not bird flu, it’s mad cow, there’s always some new disease to ensure that Americans live in constant fear. And just in case the whole threat of a possible pandemic isn’t enough, there’s the old faithful terrorist card, the “powers that be,” love to pull when be begin to relax.

But let’s discuss something the media failed to give adequate coverage to – the PATRIOT Act.

Last week the PATRIOT Act was renewed, allowing the government to continue with the roving wiretaps and search of our personal medical, business and library records.

If the books we check-out from the library and information concerning our medical history considered fair game in the name of Homeland Security, then this can only be the beginning to something greater and more intrusive.

Please wake up and be more cognizant of the things going on around you. Our constitutional rights are being chipped away at daily and yet we’re led to focus on things we practically have little control over.

The laws that we abide by are things we cannot only control but change. As citizens of this country we must take an active and informed role in our government to ensure our freedom.

Amber Vaughan for the the editorial board.