Findings in boot camp death will bring justice

The late Martin Lee Anderson has been in the news all around the country for past several weeks.

According to Dr. Charles Siebert, a Bay County medical examiner, the 14-year-old from Panama City’s death was caused by a sickle cell trait after being beaten by officers at a Panama City boot camp.

Pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, sat in on another autopsy of Anderson and discovered that the previous examination was invalid and indeed Anderson died from lack of air and that we has probably brain dead before he was rushed to the hospital.

When will the madness end?

Although Anderson had encounters with the law at such a young age, that doesn’t make him less than human.

His parents entrusted that the boot camp facility would better their child, rather than hinder him.

The positive out of this tragic situation is the closing of the Panama City boot camp after such events.

It disheartens us that the officers of the facility have cut such a young child’s life short because of their ignorance and carelessness.

Since there are new findings, it may finally mean that Martin Lee Anderson can finally rest in peace. Justice may now be served.

Nyerere Davidson for the editorial board.