Agnew-Gillum welcome all students to cabinet

University-wide representation is one of the current goals that Student Government Association President elect, Phillip Agnew has in store for the upcoming election of his cabinet.

A 20-year-old junior marketing student from Chicago, Agnew said that his intention is to create a cabinet where everybody on the campus is represented.

“Everybody’s invited,” said Agnew. “What Monique (Gillum) and I are trying to do is to create an All-Star Team.”

The opportunity is extended to all students on the Florida A&M University campus. The goal was to not have anyone be intimidated by SGA.

SGA Adviser Dwayne Cole said that he has high hopes for the up-coming administration and believes that Agnew and Gillum will do well in choosing who will be in their cabinet.

“I believe they will provide a variety of services to SGA. I trust in the good decisions that they are going to make,” said Cole. “I understand that they are trying to invite the people who have the ‘I don’t do SGA’ mentality. Vice president elect, Monique Gillum said that she and Agnew plan to make sure the available positions for cabinet will be advertised.

“A billboard will be placed soon,” said Gillum, 19, a political science student from Gainesville. “We’re going to have ads on the radio and in the newspaper. We want people to apply.”

In the past, most of those who have applied for previous presidential cabinets have either already been in SGA or they are closely associated with it.

According to Agnew, the majority of those who apply are political science students. Agnew and Gillum both have said they want everyone in all majors to apply.

Gillum added, “A lot of people have a passion for service and may have ideas that may have never been used before.”

The vice president elect said there is room for everybody. “If it’s not through the cabinet, there is plenty of opportunity available for volunteering.”

Cole said he is not surprised by the attempt that Agnew is making. “He’s assuming the role of leadership and is showing the mark of a good leader by building the cabinet first.”

He also said that by a person participating in the experience of SGA, it could help him or her become professionals in his or her field.

Sophomore Sen. Chris Bryant, a 19-year-old business administration student from Detroit, agrees with the idea of a more diverse cabinet. “This campus is made up of so many different students. Everyone should be represented.”

Applications for cabinet will be accepted until March 29. They will be reviewed three days after that date. The only major requirement is that students who apply must have at least a 2.5 grade point average.

Gillum said she and Agnew are trying to reach out to those who do not normally associate themselves with SGA.

“Some people believe that SGA is for certain people. They just haven’t been reached out to and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Agnew said the key is diversity.

“This opportunity is all-inclusive,” Agnew said. “Some people might feel a little intimidated by SGA when we really want diversity.”

“When you have a diverse student body and few people represent, we are at a disadvantage,” Bryant said.

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