University partially responsible for hazing

University officials recently suspended the Alpha Xi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. after a pledge from Decatur, Ga., was injured in a hazing incident.

Members of this fraternity are accused of beating the victim four consecutive nights with canes.

Something must be done because incidents like this not only make the organization look bad-it makes the university look bad.

The group’s actions hurt more than just a few. The individual and group decisions to accept physical hazing as tradition only continue this barbaric tradition.

This is probably not the only hazing occurring on campus – it’s just the only one that got out.

The university quickly suspended the fraternity after learning of the incident, but what has really been done to stop hazing on the Florida A&M University campus?

It’s hard for university officials to stop underground hazing because, of course, no organization will voluntarily publicize its hazing activities.

And the university denounces hazing on campus, but they need to accept more responsibility because ultimately the school has control over all student organizations.

Hazing can’t be ignored.

Sometimes the school’s attempts to stop hazing are similar to the nation’s stance on homosexuals in the military: we won’t ask, but we’ll give you the boot if we find out.

University officials should make it a priority because state law can force students accused of hazing to face real prison time.

Organizations should enhance students’ educational experience-not cause them physical harm.

Ebonie Ledbetter for the editorial board.