Attendance policy is in need of a change

The university is currently reviewing the attendance policy. This is a much-needed change because the current policy leaves too much flexibility.

And many students do not take the policy seriously unless they have a professor who strictly enforces it.

The official university attendance policy states that any student who has more than three unexcused absences will automatically fail the specified course.

But the rule is not properly enforced across the board because individual schools and teachers can change the policy to fit their needs.

No rule can be effective unless it is fully understood and executed across the board.

But ultimately, why does the university need an attendance policy for college students?

If someone can manage to have more than three unexcused absences and still pass a course, why should teachers have to automatically fail them?

This is not fair to the student.

An attendance policy should not have to be used to make students go to class. College students are paying for their education and should want to learn.

But if the administration believes an attendance policy betters the academic programs of the university, they should work to enforce the rules. As the university reviews the policy, they should recreate it to make sure it’s efficient and applies to all students and colleges.

Ebonie Ledbetter for the editorial board.