Voices heard at City Hall

After hearing from about 12 Frenchtown stakeholders opposed to the city’s plans to build a holding pond in the area, city commissioners decided unanimously to look into other options.

The voices of the 36 opponents were heard, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

And contrary to Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor, they were heard in Tallahassee’s City Hall.

Now 36 people is but a fraction of the Frenchtown population, however, it does go to show that the people who are going to make a difference will take a stand whether the issue is being taken up in City Hall or in a separate county commission office.

Just weeks ago, Proctor commented that the Leon County Courthouse was “intimidating to blacks” because of heavy security measures and the historical “racial distinctions” of the justice system.

Maybe Proctor didn’t mean that City Hall was “intimidating” to these blacks.

Maybe security measures were lax the day of the commission meeting and made them feel more comfortable.

Maybe we entered a time warp and the historical “racial distinctions” were erased.

Maybe Proctor is full of it.

Maybe not.

We have managed to have our voices heard in more averse environments than City Hall.

Kudos to the dozens who showed up to fight for their neighborhood – more than likely they are the same people who voted for him.

Proctor needs to give the people who elected him to office more credit.

Alaythia Burkins for the editorial board.