Mentoring group to hold awareness seminar

Motivating Minority Minds will be hosting “Joining Forces 4 A Better 2Morrow.” Joining Forces will be a three-day seminar that will address issues ranging from AIDS, self-awareness and entrepreneurship.

“Our whole aim is teaching young people how to explore business ventures,” said Mosley, 32, a Jacksonville native.

“We didn’t want to just focus on money, but things that make you happy,” he said, citing that was how they came up with their name.

“Not only do we want to motivate the minds of young people, but also come up with something that involved more than just getting money.

Everything in the seminar is one step that will hopefully trigger or encourage other students to take that next step,” Mosley said.

Mosley shared more on the preparation that took place for the event and some definite reasons why we should all attend.

“We stopped by the radio stations, passed out flyers and we even talked to restaurants. As an incentive, many professors are even offering extra credit for students who attend,” Mosley said.

MMM felt it was important for them to find dynamic and credible speakers to talk about them. Some of the speakers include representatives from the state legislator, the Urban League and several SBI professors.

“I definitely wanted someone who represented the state. He [Terry Fields] wasn’t even going to be in town, but he heard about the seminar and has made arrangements to be there. The Urban league is not as active, which is why I wanted to get them involved,” Mosley said.

Brittany Mosley, 20, a sophomore business administration student from Chicago seemed excited about the upcoming seminar. “It just seems like its going to be very interesting and beneficial and definitely something that I would bring two or three friends to,” she said.

Samuel Flemmings, 21, a senior business administration student from Philadelphia, was very interested in the idea of the seminar. “The issues that are being discussed are very important and they involve social and health matters that affect all of us directly or indirectly,” Flemmings said.

“Although there will be a lot business professors speaking, the seminar seems to cater to students of all majors,” Flemmings said.

In fact, MMM has several other projects in the works. They have a television show called Developing Invigorating Motivated Educated Sisters that is set to air every Tuesday at 9 p.m. this March on FAMU’s TV20.

“The show will discuss the different issues that women go through, such as, the ups and downs of modeling, bad relationships, friendships and other important issues,” Mosley said.

The show will feature a panel as well as an ‘ear to the street’ segment that will pose questions to male and female students on campus to promote discussion and help find a common ground.

MMM is also in the process of launching a Web site that will have clips from the seminar and their next big project geared toward first-time felons.

“We want to focus on rejuvenating them instead of leaving them out to dry, because it causes them to revert and generate a destructive cycle,” Mosley said.

“The key is to create opportunities for first time felons to get back on their feet, I feel like I am a living testimony that you can do anything you put your mind to with the right opportunities.”

The group is planning to get the city involved and anyone else who is interested.

“We don’t want to be scared to address certain issues, and if everyone does a small piece we can bring a little together for a better tomorrow,” said Mosley. “The past and present are what they are, but there is always hope for a better tomorrow.”

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