Alexander to stay active after term ends

With elections over, and a new Student Government Association president and vice-president elected, outgoing President Ramon Alexander has plenty of plans for the future.

A 21-year old political science student from Tallahassee, Alexander has described his year as president to be a year full of great accomplishments. But he has plans that are being set in place for the near future.

“I still plan to stay active within the community. I want to own a nonprofit organization to help young black males,” Alexander said. “I feel like God called me to help others.”

Alexander admits that he is proud of the accomplishments made by not only himself, but his comrades as well. Some undertakings include raising $10,000 for the student body, raising $20,000 for student victims of hurricane Katrina, new computers coming being placed in the dorms and the sending of financial aid checks on time.

Alexander said he will leave office with no doubt that the position will be in good hands.

“I’m excited about Phillip (Agnew) stepping in as president. He shows a lot of energy, passion and love for the school and the students.”

He also said that with such a crucial time FAMU is in, he is confident that the new SGA president and his cabinet will do great things.

Larry Rivers, former dean of the College of Arts and Sciences has known Alexander for about 10 years.

“Since I’ve known him, I have seen him as a young man who worked hard and wanted to become a leader,” Rivers said. “He has always had leadership ambitions.”

Rivers goes on to say that Alexander has always showed signs of being a good leader, and he thinks that Alexander is learning through majoring in political science.

To many people, Alexander has always showed signs of being great leader. One of the many was his vice-president, Agnew.

“He is a born leader as well as a born mentor,” said Agnew, 20, a junior marketing student from Chicago. He added that Alexander was very steadfast in some instances and flexible in others.

As SGA president for the next school year, Agnew plans to take what he has learned from watching his predecessor. One thing that he learned from Alexander is to work proactively.

Agnew went on to express the gratitude that he holds for Alexander.

“I appreciate Ramon. He will be a great leader in the future, and students will appreciate what he has done for them as far as his dedication is concerned.”

Rashida Collier, a 20-year-old junior political science student from Atlanta and Alexander’s classmate, said, “He seemed to be very studious, well professional and a person of good character.”

In seeing Alexander’s abilities as a leader, Collier showed admiration toward him as well. “I admire his ability to think on his feet. He’s not afraid to step out and accomplish his objectives.”

Alexander said that he will continue to help SGA and remain involved with the university.

“I love FAMU with all my heart. I did everything I could in my ability. You can’t please everybody, but you can help everybody.”

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