Students surprised by lack of Greek wins

In an election where the victors usually win because of the support of their sororities and fraternities, many of the students were surprised over the elections outcomes.

After a week of non-stop campaigning, the elections ballots were in, counted and delivered on the Set around 1 a.m. Wednesday.

Many students began to gather around the Office of Student Union Activities around 9 p.m. Tuesday.

After a few hours of standing or sitting on the concrete, some began to grow a bit restless.

After nearly three and a half hours of peering through the OSUA windows, cranky, yet anxious onlookers were more than ready for the results.

As the results were announced, jaws dropped, tears flowed and cheering filled the air.

Ivory James, 18, a freshman general studies student from Palm Beach shared his thoughts on the results.

“I am really surprised about the sophomore president,” James said. “I thought that the (Lauren and Addie) administration had them beat, but I am even more shocked that Kumasi Aaron wasn’t a part of the runoff.”

Brian Walton, who went to high school with Cyrah Hawkins, said he was shocked at the election outcome.

“I’m happy for Cyrah because we went to the same high school, and its nice to see people from back home doing big things,” said Walton, 20, a sophomore physics student from Fayetteville, Ga.

“I still can’t believe that non-Greeks swept the election. Although (Stephanie Evans) did have her parents dorm storming, I really thought Philip Hamilton was going to win and that there would be a runoff between Kumasi and Cherlise,” he said.

Berline Thenor, a senior from Avon Park, had a unique perspective because she was campaign manager for one of the attendant candidates.

“Plenty of hard work went into this election, and although the candidate I was supporting did make the runoff, and I am very excited, things still haven’t set in for me yet,” said Thenor, 21, a psychology student.

Monica Lee, 19, a freshman criminal justice student from Jacksonville, agreed with many others about the Greek against non-Greek election battle.

“As far as the runoff between Miss FAMU, I definitely think that it is an issue of being Greek or non-Greek, which is gonna make this runoff very interesting.”

Lee said a definite high point for her was the crowd’s responses.

Dwayne LaFavor, a third-year education student from Fort Lauderdale and Stephanie Evans supporter, said, “I am so happy and excited about the results. I definitely give honor and glory to God for this one.”

LaFavor expressed his feelings for his candidate: “I love Stephanie. I think she is so beautiful and definitely deserved to be in the runoff.

“I am also proud that the common student stepped up and took the polls by storm in support of her,” he said.

Despite some students being upset at the long wait for the results, there were not too many other complaints about the whole process.

“I honestly think that elections went pretty smooth. The whole process of the polls being open late was quite convenient. I really wanted Philip [Hamilton] to win, so I’m not too happy about those results, but I hope the best candidate wins for Miss FAMU,” said Randy Bell, 20, a third-year pharmacy student from Virginia Beach, Va.

“I appreciate the fact that they delivered the results as soon as they found out, because I know if I was running, I would want to know as soon as possible-even if it is two or three in the morning,” Walton said.

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