Campaigns should not be a spending contest

Something about this election just wasn’t quite right — the positions for SGA president and vice-president went unopposed — but why?

In past years, many SGA hopefuls have sacrificed their most coveted possession from FAMU, the net check, just to help fund their collegiate campaigns. But what about the students who don’t have a grand or two to blow to convince their peers, through what some would consider bribery, that they are the most qualified for the job?

We understand that you can make really nifty posters and even get restaurants to donate food, but what matters most is what you do for the students.

So on this day, we here at The Famuan propose that the excessive spending be stopped and that for once, there be a cap on the amount that students are allowed to spend for a campaign.

Perhaps, maybe this way, candidates will be more focused on proving their qualifications for a position of leadership instead of on the food and endless supply of free stuff they can give out.

This takes the focus off campaign frills, puts it back on the issues and gives capable people a chance — even those without money to waste.

Amber Vaughan for the editorial board.