Images celebrates 20th anniversary with plenty of style

Only days after America’s fashion capital New York City, ended its semi-annual “Super Bowl of Style,” the Olympus Fashion Week, Images Modeling Troupe offered Florida’s capital a different perspective on all things fashion.

Founded in the of fall 1985 on the campus of Florida State University, IMT celebrated 20 years on the catwalk Sunday night.

Pulsating music and lights were abundant during six-scene fashion show.

“Unlimited” went beyond the usual as models displayed IMT’s signature walks, ecclectically styled clothing and well-executed choreography.

Each of the six scenes came alive with their distinctive themes.

The high fashion portion of the show, “Pol’Katoure A’ Kaleidoscope,” proved to be a crowd favorite.

The scene featured colorful clothing, robotic movements and models doing their signature swagger in reverse.

It “showed creativity and was a nice way to get the audience involved,” said Tony Barnes, a junior criminal justice major from Panama City.

Once he saw the sultry “Sahara Sunset” where models strutted their stuff, Barnes quickly changed his favorite scene, saying, “The lingerie was hot.”

The audience seemed to agree with him as their chatter grew, watching the models march their scantily-clad bodies down the runway.

There was never a dull moment, not even between scene changes as Mahogany Dance Theatre performed, candidates made pitches for upcoming elections and DJ KD incited the audience to dance playing hits from past and present.

The past was not only represented through music, but also by members who came back to celebrate 20 years of IMT.

Former members walked the runway with pride as the years of their affiliation to Images were called out by the DJ.

The garments worn by models were as diverse as the scenes that set the stage and reflected the same New York and Parisian-influenced styles as the troupes modeled with an ultra urban twist.

“Homme Noir Italiano,” which exclusively featured the men of IMT, with the exception of a trio of pole dancers. Yes, that’s right, pole dancers offered a wide array of men’s fashion.

Models rocked everything from sleek sport coats and business wear with suitcases in hand, to looks fit for a high-style night out on the town.

Every scene was different. Animal prints, as well as animals like snakes, dominated in “Sahara Sunset.” “Unleashed” was infused with color, while fur reigned in the all-female segment, “Glamoraiders.”

Unlimited proved to be the perfect way to celebrate two decades of fashion and modeling for IMT.

“The show was a lot more than I expected,” said Deontae Robinson, a fourth year biology pre-med student from Jackson, Miss., who joined the troupe in fall 2004.

With elaborately adorned ensembles and the energetic atmosphere, the only problem that IMT has is outdoing itself for their 21st anniversary.

Though this may not be a problem, Shameria Young, a third-year biology pre-med student from Union Springs, Ala., said.

“This year’s show was much better than last year’s,” Young said.

If getting better with time is a trend for this troupe, then 20 years of experience should more than help them prepare for what lies ahead.

Grade: A

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