Students, professors discuss possible Iran nuclear conflict

While suspicions mount from the United States and European countries about Iran, the International Atomic Energy Agency continues its investigation.

According to The New York Times, Iranian officials assure the International Atomic Energy Agency that nuclear sites are for peace reasons.

The IAEA has claimed that cameras have been removed without permission.

Uranium is a source of oil, but the concern is that too much uranium might be used for nuclear weapons.

It was reported by The Associated Press, that the IAEA found seals and cameras were removed from nuclear sites in Iran.

Cameras were set up to watch the activities of the nuclear sites so that no foul play was involved in the process of Iran’s oil trade.

While there has been talk about nuclear weapons, Iran has vowed that the nuclear sites are not making nuclear weapons or nuclear bombs. On that notion, safety issues are considered, pertaining to the American people.

The concern of the matter is making people take notice.

“I’m worried about what will happen to us as Americans,” said Martesha Williams, 19, a freshman political science student.

“I don’t feel safe. They can bomb us at anytime, for whatever reasons,” said Tony Maloy, 22, business finance student from Miami.

David Jackson, chair of history and political science, said that people are just not aware.

“Most Americans are not familiar with foreign affairs,” Jackson said. Iran is allowed nuclear programs only for peace reasons. Some countries feel that Iran’s reason for the nuclear sites go beyond peace.

“It’s something up with that, removing cameras without permission. That’s just wrong,” Williams said.

“Politicians on all levels don’t like to admit their wrongdoings. They like to rationalize,” Jackson said.

In recent days, President George W. Bush has spoken against Iranian nuclear sites and speculated about what Iran is doing in them.

“I don’t think that he is capable of taking us through this situation. I don’t feel secure,” Jackson said. Jackson said that because of the United States approach on the Iraqi War regarding weapons of mass destruction, Americans are not trustworthy.

“I think the President is so big on wars that he could handle this,” Williams said. Iran is slowly being out numbered by other countries that want the IAEA to take action and investigate the nuclear sites. In the attempts of getting down to why the cameras were removed, the IAEA are debating the matter before the United Nations Security Council.

The U.N. Security Council could possibly ban Iran from nuclear research if foul play has been done. It would be awhile before any serious action would be enforced. Iran plans to continue the enrichment programs at nuclear sites. Iran is not regulated by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which stipulates what a country can do in order to supply itself with oil.

The American people are also concerned about gas prices.

“Poor people will catch the brunt of it,” Jackson said. Just as gas prices were going down, they seemed to creep right back up.

“Gas prices are going to continue to increase because of supply and demand,” Maloy said. Even though Iran’s nuclear sites are going on as usual, the IAEA and the U.N. Security Council are making efforts to shut them down.

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