Iran duly divides Republicans

When members of the Republican Party began to turn on one of their own, problems definitely escalated.

Republican senators criticized the Bush administration Wednesday when Condoleezza Rice testified, according to USA Today. Some senators said the nation’s policies in Iraq, Iran and Palestinian territories are worsening.

Rice tensely argued the administration’s case, USA Today reported, “by announcing an administration request for $75 million this year to build democracy in Iran, saying the U.S. must support Iranians who are seeking freedoms under what she called a radical regime.”

But a number of senators weren’t optimistic about the nation’s role in the Middle East. “I think (things) are getting worse in Iraq. I think they’re getting worse in Iran,” said Sen. Chuck Hegel, R-Neb.

The Bush administration should seriously take a look at how badly they want to pursue these policies in the Middle East that currently are not successful.

When Republicans and Democrats alike assert negative comments about aspects of foreign policy, U.S. leaders can’t keep on sugarcoating and hiding serious problems.

CNN reported the Bush administration has emphasized in recent weeks that it is not at odds with the people of Iran and it wants to help them win freedoms from their government.

With the amount of violence in the countries the U.S. is trying to “free,” it might be possible that they don’t want the United State military’s “help.”

-Ebonie Ledbetter for the editorial board.