Kwan shines; even without gold

After a decade of winning multiple World and U.S. Figure Skating Championships, figure skater Michelle Kwan’s hopes of Olympic gold came to a screeching halt.

She has competed in the last couple of Winter Olympics, but has never nabbed the Olympic gold and now the dream is deferred.

Due to a groin injury, Kwan is forced to drop out of the games.

“I respect the Olympics too much to compete and I don’t feel I can be at my best,” said Kwan. “I don’t think that I can be 100 percent.”

But with her that is never the case – well, at least when it comes to the Olympics.

“No skater was so identified with her failures that it was almost impossible to appreciate her accomplishments,” said Tim Dahlberg in the Associated Press article “Missed golds will define Kwan’s brilliant career.”

But what he says is exactly the opposite.

Winning the Olympic gold is, of course, the most prestigious and notable athletic achievement. However, who can say that he or she has won five World Figure Skating Championships and nine U.S. Figure Skating Championships? No one. Although she has not won on the Olympic level, doesn’t deny Kwan as a living legend and competitor in the figure skating realm.

Even though she may never win at the Winter Games, her dynamic achievements will not be overlooked, and will be noted as historic accomplishments.

Nyerere Davidson for the editorial board.