Parents must always be shining examples

Recently a woman was arrested and charged with stalking the father of her child.

According to police reports, the woman had called the father informing him that he had to watch the child for the evening.

After he refused, the young woman went to his home and began to bang on the door.

However, when he did not answer she returned numerous times within a 45-minute period.

Feeling ignored, the young woman returned to his home with a steak knife and carved obscenities into the driver’s side of the car. For the grand finale, she slashed the front tire.

People get mad and sometimes, if mad enough, they act on their feelings, retaliating on the person that caused them to become angry.

However, the stakes become immediately raised when there’s a child involved.

The actions of that woman were, no matter how provoked, inexcusable.

But her actions were even more inexcusable because she is responsible for shaping the mind and character of a young person.

Children are quick learners and if mommy is out acting the fool because she’s angry, this sends a message to that child that he too can act on his emotions when he gets angry.

If we would like for our children to be productive and educated members of society we must teach them by examples and not by the “Do as I say, not as I do,” method.

-Amber Vaughan for the editorial board