Keep your backbone, remember why those before you fought

This week at the funeral services for Mrs. Coretta Scott King, President “Curious” George Bush was allowed to not only be in attendance, but he got to speak at the event. No disrespect to Mrs. King or her family, but how does someone like “Curious” George Bush get to attend an event like this?

I really hope that he strong-armed his way in because if he didn’t, we need to take a closer look at our state of mind and the funeral program supervisor.

How could black people in attendance allow a man like “Curious” George Bush to speak at King’s funeral? Her husband stood for everything that Bush is clearly against, and after the 2000 election, the response to Hurricane Katrina, and countless other events, he should not even be allowed in the parking lot. Black people have lost their backbone. The one thing that makes us stand up straight, we sold.

Have we become so blinded with forgiveness that we allow our enemies to mock us to our face while we mourn our dead, or is the money to blame? Black people have sold their soul for the almighty dollar.

I truly understand that being the president he is obligated to attend, but that does not mean that we are obligated to let him in the building. His actions alone prove that he “doesn’t care about black people,” as brotha Kanye put it, and to add insult to injury, he left the ceremony prematurely with the other “honored guests.”

It seems as if the black community is suffering from an extremely severe case of amnesia, or we have internalized the concept of “love thy neighbor” so much that we invite our enemies to make a mockery of us during our saddest hour. We have some black people that believe that regardless of his actions “Curious” George should be there because of his title. If that is the case, then why not invite David Duke? He’s the president of the Ku Klux Klan and his title is “Grand Dragon.”

There has to come a time when black people have the courage to take a stand and say enough is enough. We also must have the discipline to ostracize those that invite people like this to sacred services and events.

While watching the services, I noticed self-proclaimed bishop Eddie Long seated among the guests. I have no problem with a person that does business with the enemy, we need someone on the inside. Business is business. However, there is a time and a place for everything and I have to question a man who allows the enemy to conduct business at a funeral, especially a “bishop.”

Bishop Long should have been the first person to turn him away, being that he is a representative of the black community and is cognizant of their feelings toward “Curious” George and his father. We, as black people, need to pay closer attention to who we call our leaders and spokespeople, because they might be doing it for their own personal gain.

My heart goes out to the family of Mrs. Coretta Scott King, specifically her children. I understand what it is to lose a parent.

I feel sad they had to endure a few sapped up speeches and publicity stunts before they could say goodbye to their mother.

I have only words of advice to the family and the whole black community, “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” Matthew 7:15.

Albert Lowe is a senior African American studies student from Kansas City, Mo. He can be reached at