Tuition plans for greater good

Gov. Bush proposed on Wednesday, Feb. 2 a $70.8 billion budget that includes several increases involving higher education. He proposed a five percent increase in state undergraduate tuition, 7.5 percent increase in out-of-state and graduate tuition, $3.3 million to complete FSU medical school, $3.6 million to complete FAMU and FIU law schools, $113.9 million for enrollment growth and more than $400 million for facilities.

Bush is also proposing a $348 per-student increase that will give a laptop to every public school teacher.

Bush believes highly in education, which has been smeared throughout his administration, and building Florida’s education system to new heights. But with every stride to improve Florida’s depressing education system, there are always constant protesters to Bush’s offer.

Many of you may look at this proposal and say that Bush is making it harder for minority students to receive an education, or that Bush, like his brother, doesn’t care about anyone but himself. But if you asked Bush what his stance was for education, you might find that he is neutral.

Education, being a continuous issue around the nation, can only improve when leaders make decisions that will make a difference.

With these proposals likely to be passed in the upcoming weeks, students should prepare themselves to dig in their pockets and accept these increases in order to boost Florida’s poor education system.