Students like low prices, short lines of Movies 8

During a time when a gallon of gas costs nearly $2.50 per gallon, stretching a dollar can sometimes seem impossible. But on the bottom of one of Tallahassee’s many hills, nestled close behind Tallahassee Mall, is the Cinemark Movies 8, located on 2810 Sharer Road.Its low movie rates have made it a popular and cheap hang out spot for students.With prices ranging from $.50 to $1, depending on the day and time, Movies 8 has provided a movie-going experience for the people in and around Tallahassee for a small fraction of what it costs at other movie theaters. Movies 8, affectionately called the dollar theater, shows movies that have been replaced at other local theaters by new releases. These movies are usually only a month or so outdated.John Roslin a 19-year-old sophomore computer information sciences student from Tampa, said the dollar show is one of the most fun attractions in town. “You can’t beat seeing a movie for a dollar,” Roslin said. “I mean the movies are a little old, but when you go to the movies, you go for the experience.” Sean Janson agrees, saying that the experience is fun. Janson, a junior criminal justice major from Dothan, Ala., said, “For a dollar, what else could be more fun? And on top of that, the concessions are two times cheaper than that of the regular show.” “So I can go see a movie and get some popcorn for $5 and I would have spent $15 at the AMC,” he said.Concessions are almost one-third the price of regular cost. A large tub of popcorn at the dollar theater costs $3.75 compared to about $5.75 at a theater that charges full prices for movies. And those Goobers and Raisenettes that people love are only $2, compared to $3.50 at other theaters.Not only are the prices cheaper than other movie theaters in town, Movies 8 is also a secluded place for students who just want to go to the movies without the hustle and bustle of being around too many people.”I used to think the dollar movie would really be no fun,” Brittany Mosely said. “I mean old movies and less people at the show, how fun could it be?” Movies 8 has also become a popular spot for dating. Mosely, a 20-year-old sophomore business administration major from Chicago, said she would come here for some quality time with her significant other. The dollar show is normally less crowded than the regular movie, offering a less distracting atmosphere. It gives people time to focus on the one they are with instead of competing with all the other college, and even high school students.”All my experience at this cheap show have been good. I hope more people take advantage of it,” Mosely said.So whether it is the cheap prices, quiet atmosphere or genuine movie fun for less, the Movies 8 dollar theater has became one of Tallahassee’s most popular hangout spots.