Proctor should find different blame card

Recently, Leon County commissioner Bill Proctor commented that the Leon County Courthouse is “intimidating to blacks” because of heavy security measures and the historical “racial distinctions” of the justice system.

For these reasons, Proctor said he believes blacks are not comfortable attending commission meetings.

The same people who find themselves intimidated by the courthouse will find themselves intimidated in the county commission office, which is in the process of moving to the eight-story Bank of America building behind the courthouse because of space issues. But, the problem is bigger than the building.

Now if Proctor wants to address that – then, he’ll be saying something.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, “more than 70 percent of the inmates at the Leon County Jail are black.” Furthermore, “until 20 years ago, all the judges, attorneys, bailiffs and clerks at the courthouse were white, and the percentage has only marginally improved.”

Are these inmates attending the commission meetings anyway? Have blacks become so sensitive that we have to have a separate building to express our grievances and opinions?

Our guess is probably not.

A word to Bill Proctor: If space is an issue, let space be the issue. Otherwise, there are enough problems where race is at the forefront. Save the race card for a more worthwhile cause.