Support Bryant’s decisions

At this time, it is obvious that the state of FAMU is one of transition. There are many challenges before the current administration including the University’s reputation, financial and academic status.

But the challenges are not ones that cannot be overcome if every person who has a vested interest in FAMU commits himself and herself to preserving this beloved institution.

The first step is to start supporting every decision that Interim President Castell V. Bryant makes during her tenure. Supporting her does not mean always agreeing with her. But it means understanding that the steps she is taking are intended to move the University forward.

While everyone may not agree with her methods, it can be agreed that something needs to be done. The University is at a critical point in its growth. While its growing pains have been exposed in the most negative ways, what happens next will determine if it will thrive or close its doors.

Although President Frederick S. Humphries did a much better job of keeping the University in the limelight during his tenure, it cannot be ignored that he left FAMU on the verge of a financial crisis. More importantly, President Fred Gainous did not help matters by not addressing and rectifying the sloppy bookkeeping of the Humphries administration.

At this point, what’s done is done and Bryant has been brought in to clean up the mess. People who are associated with this university should only have words of encouragement for the interim president or feasible solutions to FAMU’s problems when they speak about this university.

For example, University alumni in the state Legislature have proposed their own way of helping FAMU. Legislators are literally throwing money to FAMU to assist with its financial woes.

Their intentions are good even though Bryant has declined their last offer of $430,000 annually for five certified public accounts, as stated in an article in Thursday’s Tallahassee Democrat.

Although it appears that Bryant is turning down a generous gift, her decision must be considered as a calculated one, such as all of her decisions involving the University. She knows the University can fix its current financial problems itself and until June 30, everyone must support her choices. After this date, the University will know where it stands financially and can finally begin working on the other issues such as retention and athletics.

Although FAMU is not the local media’s favorite educational institution, Bryant is on a mission to regain the University’s positive image.

Being Florida’s only public The plans Bryant has already implemented are sure to help the University end the fiscal year in the black.