Shoes go to their heads

Talk to me somebody, I’m confused. Has Michael Jordan gone crazy? I had to go to a shoe store and witness the madness for myself. People began lining up in front of the store at 4 a.m. and then once they were inside, were willing to pay $300 plus tax for two pairs of shoes. Unbelievable!

Our priorities are all wrong, the things we should be standing outside and waiting early for, we’re not.

For instance, last semester Florid A&M University hosted the Black Student Summit. There should have been a line all the way to the library, but we barely packed Lee Hall.

The things we should rush to spend our money on we don’t. But then turn around and say,” At least I’m fresh to death this weekend when I hit Chubby’s!”

I think we are too materialistic. We have it backwards.

It just doesn’t make any sense to own every pair of Jordans, but not one suit to wear to a job interview.

So what happens to the sneakers when a new pair comes out? You’re right back in line getting sneakers. And going home to an apartment where you’re paying rent instead of owning a home. Young Jeezy said it best “most people get content with a pair of Jordans, me I’m trying to stack my bread up like Jordan.”

That’s the mentality we need to have.

But look on the bright side. When you go to the club you can take your shoes off and yell “check my footwork, check my footwork, you ain’t got me!”

I know that’s right. I don’t have you.

Royle King is a sophomore newspaper journalism student from Houston. He can be reached at