Not really ‘Something New’ but still funny

For those in the mood for a few laughs and a feel good romantic comedy, Sanaa Lathan’s latest movie, “Something New,” is a good choice.

The film features Lathan as up and coming business professional, Kenya McQueen, who rules the boardroom, but always seems to come up short when it comes to choosing the right mate.

After being set up on a blind date by a co-worker, she meets Bryan, a kind, charming and handsome landscaper, who just also happens to be white.

Shocked and embarrassed, Kenya leaves Bryan hanging out to dry, only to hire him later as her new landscaper. Over time, passions ignite and love blossoms between the two as they embark on a love affair that tests Kenya’s boundaries and pushes her beyond her limits.

Lathan gives an outstanding performance with the help of some other great cast members, including Mike Epps, Blair Underwood, and Alfre Woodard.

Though it seems she is forever typecast in the role of the “extremely successful black corporate woman who can never find love,” it’s a role Lathan plays well and quite convincingly.

Because the film follows the typical romantic comedy format, it is extremely predictable, but the overall movie is still appealing.

It touches on racial issues in a way that’s touching but also thought-provoking. Unlike other films about interracial relationships that tend to be too serious or too silly, this movie strikes the right balance between showing the love between two people of different races, while also giving the audience a glimpse of the difficulties they must endure in a race-driven society.

All in all, this is movie worth seeing. Whether you go alone, with your girlfriends (or guy friends) or your significant other, it’s a film that’s enjoyable, funny, and heart-warming.

Maybe it’s even a bit sappy, but hey, we could all use a little more sap in our lives, don’t you think?

Grade B+

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