Meet-and-greet causes discord at ballroom

In line to meet-and-greet Cornel West, I witnessed a most disheartening display of ignorance. 

The grumble about how Student Government Association allegedly serves its affiliates first has been booming for quite some time. 

Angry attendees to Wednesday evening’s reception saw what they wanted to see, not the realities of the situation. 

An impatient bunch whined about not being allowed into the Grand Ballroom in a timely fashion, ignoring the announcement that West had asked that only a small group of people be let in at one time.  They protested that the line moved too slowly, disregarding that West had been asked not to take questions for the sake of those waiting.

When the planning committee faced funding problems and the administration threatened to cancel the event, SGA stayed worked late nights trying to get sponsorship. When seating ran out in Lee Hall, the members of SGA gave up their seats. After everyone had gone home,it was SGA that stayed to clean up. 

But instead of thanks, they got condemnation.  Instead of our students taking a moment to appreciate an opportunity to hear an excellent speaker, they jumped to conclusions.

I say to my peers, where is your “excellence with caring?” Is the heart missing from your head, hand and field?  If we are concerned enough with the prosperity of our campus programs, the advancement of our legacy and the attitudes we project toward one another, episodes like Wednesday night’s will not occur. 

Now taking applications. Position: real Rattlers.

Antoinette L. Abington is a first year business administration student from Wichita, Kan. She can be reached at