‘Cuttin’ Loose’ ends in fashion, hair show

The Beta Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated in conjunction with Untitled Inc. concluded “Just Cuttin’ Loose” week by presenting FAMU’s first hair and fashion show extravaganza.

 The week’s activities were held in celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the Rattler’s Edge Barbershop and Hair Salon located on FAMU’s campus.

 Larry Ferguson, 21, chairman of “Just Cuttin’ Loose” Week says the hair and fashion show was an exciting way to wrap a successful week of events.

 The junior business administration student from Charleston, S.C. said, “It’s great to see students come together in appreciation of African-American beauty and creativity.”

 With a tornado watch in effect earlier in the evening, students were hesitant to be in attendance for what coordinators promised audience members to be an extremely entertaining showcase.

Though the program got off to a rocky start with a very intimate crowd, the energy level quickly picked up as latecomers begin to fill empty seats in Lee Hall Auditorium.

 Models from FAMU and Florida State University troupes collaborated to create scenes to highlight the diversity in African-American fashion and style. The crowd roared as modeling troupes graced the stage representing their respective organizations.

 Audience members were pleased with the creative scene selections, some of which were inspired by movies such as the Pink Panther, and the popular “Good and Bad Hair” scene from the movie School Daze.

 “It was a really good show,” said Tiffany Burgess, a sophomore physical therapy student from Fort Myers. “Also, I liked that it wasn’t too long or drawn out like some of the other shows I’ve been to.”

 Melissa Mitchell, event coordinator of the hair and fashion show, says after all the planning and set backs behind the scenes, she too, was pleased with the overall outcome of the show.

“I was a little nervous,” said Mitchell, a FAMU graduate.

“But it was a relief to see everything come together so well, especially considering the weather conditions.”

 Members of the planning committee and Alpha Phi Alpha continuously stressed the importance of showcase and other events held during the week, not just as a means of entertainment, but as a way to give back to the black community by encouraging education, awareness and support of one another.

 Jeffrey Allen, 21, co-chair of “Just Cuttin’ Loose” Week said the fraternity is pleased to have been part of the planning because the events held were a positive way for the campus to kick-off Black History Month and show an appreciation for black entrepreneurship.

 “This week is about supporting black businesses, especially one that is located right on FAMU’s campus,” said Allen, a senior economics student from Chicago.

“I’m elated that we had this opportunity to host this celebration. Rarely do we get a chance to experience such a dichotomy of talents on FAMU’s campus.”

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