Bush budget raise has other motives

Beginning Oct. 1, Gov. Jeb Bush will begin a 2 percent raise for state employees without raising insurance premiums.

This was really surprising seeing that this is an action that is uncharacteristic of Bush.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, “Bush plans to propose that employees using their own cars on state business get the federally allowable rate – currently 44.5 cents a mile – and he wants to add $10 a day to the basic living allowance on the road.”

This proposal by Bush may have astonished many state employees as well. Does it seem Bush is getting to be a little too generous?

However, he must have his own ulterior motive behind it. It has been rumored that Gov. Bush is aiming for a possible Senate seat or even aiming as high as the White House.

Nowadays Bush and his administration are not above reproach on any level. This action is a little too suspect.

Perhaps over-analyzation is taking the wheel, maybe he just did this out of the pure kindness of his heart. Whatever his reasoning, we hope he continues to help us out. Benefiting the masses is always great.

Hopefully, the proposal to raise all Florida state school’s tuition by 5 percent will be declined.

That will definitely garner Bush some votes from Florida students.

Nyerere Davidson for the editorial board.