Simple Striking

Spring Forward

With the spring season approaching, there are some key items you should pick up to ensure that you are looking your best.

The spring 2006 fashion season resounds with pale colors, complex patterns and cuts, and eclectic accessories. 

A usual part of spring collections, electrifying color is toned downed this year.  Pastels, along with tans, creams, off-whites and grays dominate the runways. 

The ever-present polka dots of the fall have stepped aside to allow the geometric, solid and floral prints to take over. 

The stiletto, always popular from season to season, has managed to take a back seat to the wedge heel. 

The latest trends for ladies include short shorts (But not your average pair of “Daisy Dukes.” 

Try them a little longer in gray, khaki or off-white), baby doll dresses, lace detailing, the sack handbag (basically a huge purse), and accessories with a glamorous yet eccentric and natural twist to them. 

Guys should try their luck with the preppy look (khakis, light-weight sweater vests, polos, etc.), the shiny suit (not the suits from the old Puff Daddy music videos, just something with a little reflection to it) and the straight cut jean (lets leave the boot cut and the baggy fit behind us). 

What’s your pick

The Famuan probed the minds of random students on the hill to see what their favorite picks of the new spring season were. 

“The mixture of the natural and eclectic styles,” is what Meagan Johnson, a 20-year-old agribusiness student from Miami, describes as the best in this spring’s fashion season. 

“The best thing about the trends is that you can pick which one best suits your own personal style,” said Derek Sutherlin, a 20-year-old accounting student from Chicago.  “It’s like taking the different styles to twist and flip them into your own mold.”

Put it all together

and what do you have?

Ladies, as you prepare to stroll across The Set this spring try out some new and exciting trends.  Pair a set of thin wedge heels, with some khaki shorts and a bright-colored balloon-sleeved blouse. 

You could also try your luck with turning that same old little black dress into a hit at any cosmo event if you pair it up with a short-sleeved lace bolero, layered neck jewelry and classy evening sandal according to

Guys should shoot for electric when dressing for evening affairs.  Dare to rediscover the gray pinstriped pants, and match them up with a white sports coat, black collared shirt and a silver tie. 

You will be a hit as you make your way to class sporting a pair of fresh brown loafers, your favorite khakis, a thin v-neck cable knit sweater and pastel polo underneath.

Whatever trends you decide you want to make your own, make sure you do them justice. 

Remember that soon it will be the spring season and you will have more leeway as far as the rules of fashion are concerned.  Opened toe shoes will be back in effect, and your opportunity to wear white bottoms is right around the corner. 

It’s a new year with new possibilities, leave the fall behind and spring forward into impeccable fashion!

Compiled by Angel SuriSources:,,