Student forum to encourage abstinence

The Florida A&M University Catholic Student Association will be holding a student forum and dinner at St. Eugene’s Catholic Chapel Fellowship Hall tonight at 7 p.m.

The forum’s topic is “Marriage, Morality and Abstinence: The Good News About Sex.”

Michael Sheedy, the featured guest speaker, and lobbyist for Roman Catholic bishops, spoke of his goals for the conference.

“My plan is to basically outline how the Catholic Church teaches on this issue, the rationale and the benefits of abstinence, in a positive light,” Sheedy said. “I think its good to reflect upon our sexual urges, because the way we approach sexuality, affects families and eventually society. Sex is good and can be beautiful in the proper context and understanding.”

According to, abstaining from sex is the only way to prevent unplanned pregnancy and the only way to avoid contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

Despite the positive advantages of remaining abstinent, there are still many who see it as an insurmountable task.

Angel Allen, an 18-year-old Tampa native commended those who are able to abstain from premarital sex.

“I think that people who are abstinent should be respected, because it takes a lot of self control, but I also think that premarital sex can be good, ’cause you need to know who you ought to be with,” said the freshman pharmacy student.

Daniel Marte’, an 18-year-old computer science student from Port St. Lucie said, “I think that sex is so overrated and abstinence is something that was valued, at one point in time because people were very religious and their morals were different, but now waiting until marriage just seems a bit unrealistic.”

The Rev. Fr. F. Ilesanmi Osasona of St. Eugene’s Catholic Chapel is looking forward to sharing more on the values of abstinence.

“I believe it is our Christian duty to help our brothers and sisters to appreciate the value of remaining abstinent,” Osasaona said. “The full meaning of sex is not just something out there, but a God-given gift that is best expressed in a marriage.”

Dannie Augustin, president of the FAMU Catholic Student Association, discussed her views on abstinence.

“Abstinence is not just a catholic thing, but a human race thing. There are diseases out there that can affect you, and when you wait till marriage you can focus on God, your purpose in life, and stay more in tune with what God has for you”, said the senior industrial engineering student from Miami.

But students have their own theories on how abstinence and premarital sex work in society.

Osasona is hopeful that people within in the community will come out and understand the beauty of sex. “Hopefully those who are not active can leave saying I can hold on and those who are can begin to question what they are doing and ultimately leave more aware.”

“I think it’s important as a catholic ministry to let students know that (the forum) not just for Catholics, but for everyone.”

The forum is free of charge. For more information you can contact St. Eugene’s Catholic Chapel and Student Center at (850) 222-6482 or

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