Provost speaks on registration issues

Florida A&M University’s department chairs and division heads gathered Tuesday to discuss student issues.

Some University dignitaries complained about students being enrolled in in courses that they have not completed prerequisite courses for.

Financial holds on registration and students with multiple identification numbers were alsosome issues addressed.

“Some of that (students who have multiple student ID numbers) I have not even heard of,” said University Provost Debra Austin.

Austin said that if it was a problem, Information Technology should be working on the solution. She also stated, “communication is important and that Florida A&M University is committed to student success.”

In the future, Austin wants deans and department heads to cancel classes in which there is not the minimum of students enrolled.

“We cannot afford to have classes undersubscribed,” Austin said.

This might pose a problem for students who formulate their schedules around their jobs and families.

“There are multiple sections of most of our classes. Just be closed at a certain time, there will be other alternatives for the student,” Austin said.

However, some students complained that lack of communication has left them without their needed classes.

“My money wouldn’t come through and that would cause a hold on my account,” said Ashley Triplett, 20, a sophomore theatre student from Atlanta.

Triplett said that her registration was withheld because the financial aid wasn’t disbursed on time.

She said that she was later informed that her funds hadn’t been placed in the computer.

Registration not only is an issue with FAMU students, but with students who attend different universities and international students.

One of the concerns at the meeting was that there are a number of students who go to Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College that take classes at FAMU.

Some of their names don’t show up on the roll in the classes in which they are enrolled until late in the semester.

“They didn’t have any of the FSU people on the roll until the second day of class,” said Sarah Beguiristain, 19, a sophomore mass media studies student from Inverness.

After Beguiristain completed all her paperwork, she said that her name still was not on the official roll.

“I had a situation where I wanted to do a double major but, I wasn’t able to register,” said Edward Bevon, a sophomore computer andinformation sciences student from Trinidad.

Being an international student, Bevon has to pay about $648 insurance fee and if it is not paid, he will be dropped from his classes, even though he registered ahead of time.

However, registration for some students has been a smooth process.

“Overall, I haven’t had any problems with registration,” said Alexander Harris III, 20, a junior business administration student from Chicago.

Harris recommended that students go to their adviser to get an audit in order to stay on track with the core curriculum.

Also, in order to effectively supply the students with quality education, Austin wants the deans to even out the workload distribution amongst instructors.

Still, with all of these concerns, this year’s registration has had a positive impression on some.

“Registration was much smoother this year and there were more sections for students to choose from,” said Dorothy Henderson, dean of general studies.