Higher degrees not for everyone

Although getting a master’s or a doctorate degree is considered by many to be well worth the time and effort, you have to truly think about it and consider it thoroughly before making a decision.

More importantly you need to know if it will be beneficial to you and your career.

Many students aspire to obtain higher degrees. Getting one offers prestige, financial benefits, career advancement opportunities and the gratification of taking your education a step further.

If you’re looking to get a pat on the shoulder, cookie or trophy, don’t go to grad school – even if your goal is to make your family proud.

They’ll be happier knowing that you went on and started a great career that will bring in the big bucks as opposed to you waddling in grad school in debt up to your eyes.

The Grad School Handbook says to “learn as much as possible about your chances of succeeding in that field once you have the degree.”

That goes without saying. What’s the purpose of going to grad school and paying large sums of money when you can’t get any of it back?

The financial opportunities can be quite advantageous with an advanced degree, however the Princeton Review says, “when embarked upon without sufficient focus or planning, graduate school can also deliver deep debt and continued professional frustrations.”

You may also want to consider entering the workforce before going to graduate school.

In fact, many graduate studies programs require that you have some work experience prior to being admitted to the program. Realize that grad school isn’t for everyone.

Sure, you made it to college, and managed to graduate. But ask yourself a few questions. Did you often miss class and have a trustworthy friend who would take notes for you and help you with tests and assignments?

Were you constantly feeling as if you were behind on things?

These questions aren’t designed to insult your intelligence, but rather to help you figure out whether you are well-prepared to take on this challenge.

The bottom line is, you can’t sleep through grad school.

Make sure you are focused and have a love for the area of study of your choice.

Http://www.theprincetonereview.com says, “(grad school) makes a lot of sense if you have a vision of what your career should be and possess the energy required to pursue it.”

There is nothing worse than having to go through several trials and tribulations when you chose to do something that doesn’t suit you.

Mark Taylor is a junior public relations student from Toledo, Ohio. He can be reached at taylor2_m@yahoo.com.