Not voting promotes brothers-in-crime

With the 2006 State Legislative season quickly approaching, Gov. Jeb Bush said he is confident that Florida could see “over $20 billion in cumulative tax relief for businesses and families” over the next eight years if the current budget is passed.

By throwing out figures like this, Jeb is obviously showing that he is also confident in the GOP’s upcoming campaign for reelection by implying, “Hey, look what we can do.”

With so many concerns and complaints about his “brother-in-crime,” President George W. Bush, residents of Florida can take one step closer in relieving themselves of the ills of such shaky political leadership by refusing to reward Jeb and Co. with additional time to play cheerleader for George W.

But can this happen? Will this happen? Not if we continue to provide George W. with the backbone reinforcement he so desires to feel like the job he is doing is adequate. And what better person to give him that than his baby brother.

Failure to reelect a Republican will obviously not send George W. out of office. But those who say the Republican Party is not for them need to make that stand and do their part at the polls to see the recent trend of Republican rule in Florida end.

At his GOP rally at Walt Disney World Jan. 21, Jeb declared, “Democrats talk, Republicans act.” Whatever political lines you fall under, make sure you don’t merely talk, but act in the way you feel is right.

LeMont Calloway for the editorial board.